Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

User data protection, third-party software used in online services, information and cookies stored in the browser.

The user can browse the website of VTT SenseWay Oy on a computer or similar

device. VTT Senseway Oy complies with applicable legislation and protects the privacy of the website’s visitors in accordance with the regulations.

Software and technologies used on the website

VTT Senseway Oy uses various software and services on its website to technically operate the website and provide services to the user. Some software can be used to analyse website usage and user experience, as well as for statistical purposes. Some software enables, with the consent of the user, targeted advertising on the services of third parties based on the use of the website. Some software allows you to personalise your browsing experience, either at or other services.

The software described above uses various technologies to implement functions and services. They may store data on the user’s device using cookies or other Web Storage technologies (local storage, session storage). This information is used, among other purposes, to identify the user’s browser and to combine separate page views into a single view. Some cookies are used to enable the technical operation of the website, for example to remember the language chosen by the user or to identify and block malicious traffic to the website. Upon the consent of the user, the website may utilise software that uses the information stored in the browser of the user for ad targeting and personalisation of the content on third-party services.


Please note that your web browser on your device by default allows different software to store information in your browser. The information can be deleted from the browser after using the service or blocked in the settings of the web browser.


Control of software used on the website

Upon visiting the website for the first time, you will be notified that you can either accept the use of different software on the website or change the settings to prevent such software from operating on the website and storing new information in your browser. Software that requires consent will not start until you press accept. You can change these settings or withdraw your consent any time in the settings window. If you do not see the notification, you have either previously approved it or blocked the Google Tag Manager tool, in which case no software that requires approval will be downloaded.

Software used on the website, the information it stores and the basics of data processing.

Technical implementation of the online service Wix.


Wix is a content management system that allows content to be maintained and presented to the user. The operation of the software is necessary to implement the service. Wix does not store any personal information about the user of the website. The software may use first-party cookies to implement the technical functionalities, such as administrator login or showing messages to the user on the online service.


Google Tag Manager


The Google Tag Manager tool is used for the downloadable third-party software, the codes and tracking pixels used on the website. Google Tag Manager does not store any information about the user of the website, nor does it store information on the user’s device other than information related to the technical functions of the website. For example, what software you have accepted in the website settings.


Learn more: Website development and usage statistics based on the legitimate interest of VTT Senseway Oy

Google Analytics


Google Analytics is software used for website statistics and improvement of the user experience, which stores various information about website usage. The information is associated with an anonymous Client ID, which is stored in the user terminal (first- party cookie). This ID can be used to prepare statistics about frequent visitors of the website. The user’s IP address is anonymised before it is stored in the software database. In addition, the software stores in the database, among other things, the following information: which pages have been downloaded and how often, on which device the website has been viewed and from which service the user came to the website.


The use of the software is based on the legitimate interest to monitor, maintain and develop the operation and performance of the website. In addition, content usage statistics and measuring the impact of marketing communications.


Learn more: sjs/cookie-usage

Legitimate interest balance test: Open document

Personalisation of content and target advertising based on user consent.

By agreeing to the re-targeting of advertising and the transmission of information about website usage, you consent to the use of the following software on the website, as well as how they use this information. You can control the targeted advertising and personalisation in general at and https://optout.networkadvertising. org/?c=1. You can grant or withdraw consent at any time from the tracking settings.

Google Analytics advertising features


The advertising features of the Google Analytics software allow you to target your ads based on the content you browse. In this case, information about the pages you browse is also transmitted to the Double Click server. This information can affect what content or ads you see online, as well as the ads you see when you have left the website. In addition, these features allow, among others, the reporting of user demographics in connection with the usage reporting of the service. Third-party cookies and an ad ID of your browser is used for transmitting the information for targeted advertising on other services.


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Linkedin Ads & Analytics


Linkedin’s advertising software is used to reallocate advertising to the user based on interactions on the online service. The software can be used for analysing the effectiveness of Linkedin advertising. The software stores the user’s anonymised Linkedin ID, IP address and personalisation ID. The software utilises third-party cookies, among other things.


Learn more:

Basis for data processing: Provision of the service and execution of the agreement at the request of the user or after contact.

By using the contact methods or forms on this website, including newsletter and bulletin subscription forms, you consent to the storage of your information in a marketing database maintained by the software used to implement the forms. We will use the information you provide to perform the agreement or to keep in touch with you. The information you provide may be combined with other information in our possession. We will never sell or disclose personal information provided by you to third parties without your express request or permission. This information is stored in a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Professional application.


You can withdraw your consent or object to the use of different software on the website

in the settings window.