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Meet the ZediSense Team: Jere Laaksonen

Jere is the CEO at VTT SenseWay and holds a B.Sc in Naval Architecture.

But he’s less interested in the glory of titles as his true passion is spreading his excitement for the work being done at VTT SenseWay. On a daily basis, he develops customer relationships and explores opportunities for future projects with viable applications.

Jere has been with the company since December 2019 and was instrumental in building the ZediSense team. He met Anu and Jaakko at Rolls-Royce where they were part of a team that delivered the world’s first autonomous road ferry. Their strong teamwork and success working on high-profile projects convinced him that together they could deliver whatever the world needs.

His passion for teamwork began at school where he preferred team sports to solo competition, and he thrives on the accountability of leading a small team of experts compared to the bureaucracy of larger corporations.

In his free time Jere loves family vacations with as many family members as possible around the dinner table. His dream vacation will take him to a sunny beach in the Caribbean with plenty of activities in nature. And of course, evenings will feature big family dinners discussing the highlights of the day.

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