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Meet the ZediSense Team: Jaakko Saarela

Jaakko is our Chief Software Development Officer and the Lead Developer for ZediSense.

He has been with us since December 2019, right at the beginning, and has been instrumental in the evaluation of ZediSense’s components, establishing its design principles across both the hardware and software, and in the implementation and testing of the product.

Jaakko is a qualified Engineer of Embedded Systems. In 1993 he joined Nokia Networks Fixed Switching as a software developer and in 1997, he moved to Nokia Mobile Phones as a member of their management team.

His next career move took him to Centria University’s Applied Sciences RDI department. There, he participated in a study that would prove instrumental in his understanding of ultra-wideband radar. The project involved monitoring the vital statistics of animals without actually touching them, obtaining information like body temperature and heartbeat.

After leaving the university, he had a brief stint as Technical Manager for Gasera in southern Finland, before joining Rolls-Royce in 2018 as Technical Project Manager. There, he was in charge of Intelligent Awareness system development where he met and collaborated with Anu and Jere.

His move to join VTT SenseWay was a natural next step in 2019.

Jaakko has three adult children and in his personal time, he enjoys tinkering with technical projects, building gadgets, and experimenting with programming.

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