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Meet the ZediSense Team: Anu Peippo

Anu wears many hats at VTT SenseWay.

She is a Master Mariner (a Captain), and a Master of Marine Technologies.

With an extensive seafaring background ranging from oil tankers to offshore vessels, it’s safe to say that her blood is at least one part seawater.

Anu has also been with VTT SenseWay since the beginning in December 2019. After an illustrious 15-year career at sea holding ranks from ordinary seaman to Chief Officer, she joined Rolls-Royce Ship Intelligence. There, she was involved with the design of remote and autonomous technologies for the maritime environment.

In her role at the company, Anu brings valuable first-hand experience to our projects in the maritime domain. She also oversees our sales and marketing activities, and she assists in facilitation across various projects.

When she’s not in the office, Anu can be found spending time with her Finnish Warm Blood horse, participating in dressage and show jumping. At the time of writing, her horse was due to be bred, with a foal expected in Spring 2023.

Outside of her passion for horses, Anu is a self-confessed hunter-gatherer and loves wild mushroom and berry picking. In future, she hopes to go on a safari somewhere in Africa or to take in the awe-inspiring vistas of New Zealand.

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