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A fast track to sustainability

ZediSense provides data that automation companies and designers have been waiting for

Meet ZediSense

The world’s most accurate room occupation sensor

ZediSense uses our proprietary millimetre radar wave technology and software system to sense when a cabin, room or other space is occupied.

Be certain of whether a space is occupied with ZediSense

Traditional sensors such as passive infrared and carbon dioxide sensors are unreliable and not capable of detecting fine movements in a cabin. When occupants are inside but asleep or otherwise not moving, these sensors simply don’t know whether anyone is inside.

ZediSense always knows

Using our proprietary hardware and sophisticated software, ZediSense is able to detect micro-movements of up to 5m and macro-movements up to 10m using millimetre radar wave technology. Even if occupants are asleep or not moving for any reason, if a person is present, then ZediSense knows it.


And if nobody is in the room, ZediSense’s accuracy guarantees that the space is empty.


Our technology is unique to ZediSense and is unlike anything else on the market. It provides high-quality data in all conditions, whether it’s dark, light, smoky, etc.

Why choose ZediSense?

ZediSense is the smartest, most sensitive occupancy sensor in the world. Here’s why you should choose ZediSense sensors for your next project:

Cost savings & sustainability

ZediSense delivers significant energy and cost savings by providing accurate, real-time occupancy data 24 hours a day, allowing rooms to be constantly optimised.


Switch off lights and air conditioning, and close curtains automatically.


By integrating ZediSense into your system, you will easily reduce your energy consumption and CO2 emissions, to help you achieve your sustainability targets.

Evacuate passengers quickly

In an emergency, seconds count. With accurate real-time room occupation data from ZediSense, you’ll immediately know which cabins need to be evacuated so that your teams can get passengers out of harm’s way, fast.

No privacy concerns

ZediSense is not a camera. It can’t identify anyone. It only knows whether or not a person is present in a room.


ZediSense units are safe: They emit 100x less radiation than a cellphone, so they’re completely safe to use and live with.


ZediSense is 100% designed and manufactured in Finland. It’s custom-designed for the harsh conditions of the marine environment. Each unit is enclosed by a robust ABS plastic housing.

Versatile installation

ZediSense can be installed on either a ceiling or a wall. We will work with you to identify the ideal installation locations in your vessel and rooms, to ensure that you receive the most reliable data at all times.


It is also available in several colours to match your interior design.

Easy integration

Your existing systems and data platforms will easily integrate with ZediSense thanks to its industry-standard Modbus RTU RS485 connection.