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A fast track to sustainability

ZediSense provides data that cabin automation companies have been waiting for

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Micro and Macro Movements 

ZediSense detects changes between micro and macro movements. It senses micro movements up to 5m and macro movements up to10m with radar technology.


Imagine having reliable data about the occupancy of spaces and being able to use it to optimize automated systems such as ventilation. With ZediSense you can reduce the vessel's energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

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Do Not Disturb

Knowing when a cabin is occupied allows the cruise operator to tailor guest comfort levels. It also allows passengers to enjoy time in their cabins without unnecessary interruptions by housekeeping or maintenance.


What if you knew how to prioritize your efforts in an emergency or an evacuation? ZediSense can be used to guide decision making in unpredictable or high risk situations

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Would you like to know if your spaces are being used when they are not supposed to be? ZediSense provides valuable data with total discretion.


Would you like to optimize the movement of people through the vessel? ZediSense data allows you to predict and manage people flow with ease.

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Plug in and enjoy greener, more efficient operations through real-time sensory data

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