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ZediSense is designed and developed by VTT SenseWay

VTT SenseWay is the company behind the design and development of ZediSense. Creating an own product was a natural step for VTT SenseWay because our team has strong expertise in product development. We also provide expert services in the field of autonomy and digitalization.


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Keeping customers close

The idea for ZediSense came from discussions with a customer in the beginning of 2021. We were challenged to find a technology that could provide reliable information about people’s presence in a passenger vessel’s cabin. After involving the whole team an interesting technology was found and we started to test it. We talked to more customers which confirmed our idea: Data provided by ZediSense has huge potential in optimizing energy consumption and creating new services.

Product development was started in August 2021. Fulfilling a customer need has been our priority number one. Potential customers have been close to the development throughout the project and they have provided valuable feedback for the development team.

We are ready to launch ZediSense to market in spring 2022.

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