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Precise Presence Detections

ZediSense provides presence detection data that takes your building automation to the next level. It can detect even a sleeping person.

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Micro and Macro Movements 

ZediSense detects changes between micro and macro movements. It senses micro movements up to 5m and macro movements up to10m with radar technology.

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ZediSense can be customised to fit the interior
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Application Areas

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Access to reliable presence detection data creates new possibilites to optimize operations.


Build solutions never seen before by using precise presence detection data.

Precise presence detection data enables optimization of building automation systems.

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How it works

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ZediSense is a combination of robust hardware and high-end software. Customers can utilize the same sensor for many purposes. Integration to new and existing automation systems is made easy and data can be provided to multiple users.


Reliable Detections

Data by ZediSense can be used to increase guest comfort. Occupation status of spaces is created in real time without privacy issues. Separation of micro and macro detections provides you data that has not been available before.


Continuous Operation

High quality data is available in all conditions. People are sensed whether they are sleeping in the darkness of night or having a yoga session in bright sunlight. If there is a person present ZediSense knows it.


Revealed by Distance

In order to develop better services you need to understand how people are using your facilities. Detection distances can reveal important things about the utilization of spaces.  ZediSense provides you data without compromising privacy.

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Optimizing Energy Consumption

Imagine having reliable data about the occupancy of spaces and being able to use it to optimize automated systems such as ventilation. With ZediSense you can reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

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Increasing Safety

What if you knew how to prioritize your efforts in an emergency or an evacuation? ZediSense can be used to guide decision making in unpredictable or high risk situations.

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People Flow

Would you like to optimize the movement of people in your spaces?  ZediSense data allows you to predict and manage people flow with ease.


Improving Security

Would you like to know if your spaces are being used when they are not supposed to be? ZediSense provides valuable data with total discretion

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Plug in and enjoy greener, more efficient operations through real-time sensory data

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